The Kremlin revealed secrets about hockey players with Putin

It is known that President Putin started playing ice hockey when he was in his 50s. He was inspired by the sport thanks to former sports minister Viacheslav Fetisov.

Every year, he plays hockey in public. Last Christmas, Putin also played a friendly match on Red Square, just outside the Kremlin. And he won with his teammates.

“Yes, this is perfectly normal. Hockey players who join the match in the presence of Russian President Vladimir Putin try not to injure each other and the head of state. And it is completely normal that all players do not want to get injured, “Peskov told reporters when asked if the hockey players were really playing cautiously with Putin. .

Mr. Peskov added that Putin was playing hockey the last time, in a friendly match in Krasnaya Polyana (Sochi). At that time, Putin and Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko were playing with the same team. When playing Russian leader wears his favorite number 11 shirt.

Hockey is Russia’s second most popular sport after soccer. At the same time it is a strong Russian sport in the international arena. At the Winter Olympics, the Russian team won a Gold Medal after convincing Germany in the final.

The night hockey tournament started an initiative proposed by Putin himself. The tournament aims to attract the elders to participate by organizing night competitions to help them play after work as well as create an amateur hockey community. It has connected all players from all regions of Russia.

President Putin is famous for being a sports lover. In addition to horseback riding, he has repeatedly shown his ability to play sports through Judo, Taekwondo, F1 racing, or diving under the Black Sea.

Russian President Vladimir Putin over the weekend was the player to score the most goals in an ice hockey match. It was held on the Night Hockey League gala in Sochi City.

Along with Putin are former players of the National Hockey League. President Putin scored 10 points in a friendly match, helping his Legends of Hockey team win 14-7 against their rival, the Night Hockey League.


Olympic Channel filmed the women’s hockey team of Korea

Olympic Channel of the International Olypmpic Commission said it was likely that they would make a film about the Korean ice hockey team at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics. At the recent press conference, Mr. Mark Parkman, General Manager of the Olympic Channel, said the network is trying to figure out what to tell the story of the “united” hockey team.

They got a lot of talk at the 23rd Winter Olympics. Hockey teams of athletes from the two Koreas completed the tournament at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics after losing to Sweden. South Korea has formed a female hockey team to compete at the 2020 Winter Olympics. Pyongyang has sent 12 players to join Seoul’s 23-player team.

Thus, this is the first time that the two Koreas have joint hockey teams in the Olympic competition. At this year’s Olympics, this women’s hockey team lost all 5 matches. Yet they remain a symbol of peace for potential reconciliation between the two Koreas.

The Olympic Channel often provides news, live sports events, highlights and documentaries related to the Olympics and athletes. This channel was founded back then and covers sports in 11 languages ​​daily.

Olympic Channel plans to showcase its first film with the documentary series Five Rings Films. This five-episode series will be directed by some of the most famous names in the movie industry. Song Parkman said that the film about the women’s hockey team of the two Koreas will not be in this series.

The highlight of the ceremony was the joint parade of athletes from the two Koreas under the flags. And this is the last parade in the opening ceremony. The whole PyeongChang Stadium was glowing with a grand opening ceremony, vibrant, bold modern.

This time around, Korea aims to win at least 8 gold medals. A record number for Korea, and entered the top 4 for the first time.



Development of Patin Hockey

Patin Hockey is a popular sport in the world that is passionate by many young people. Roller Hockey is a sport in which two teams compete against each other. The player will slide the Patin on a hard, flat and smooth surface.

They use hockey sticks to hit the puck on the opponent’s goal. During the match time, each team on the field includes 5 people. That’s including the goalkeeper. Normally, a team will consist of 16 players to replace each other.

Due to the high speed and collisions with the puck and the stick are quite dangerous. So the Hockey athletes need to wear the following protective equipment to reduce impact force and avoid injury.

First of all, as you know to play any type of roller skating we also need a pair of shoes that are good quality and suitable for the type of choice.

Or bringing safety and effectiveness when playing. Do not be too cheap to choose the pair with low price. Because so surely its quality can not be absolutely guaranteed.

Not everyone who is proficient at rollerblading can join the Patin Hokey genre right away. Because this is a type that needs to move quickly, polish accurately and carefully to transmit the ball to teammates. It doesn’t just use your feet like regular rollerblading.

But it also has to combine both hands and eyes so you need to practice patiently. You should be careful if you want to join and play this genre professionally.

This subject’s speed is very high, can reach more than 180km for hour. There will be 1 piece of hard rubber called snowball and 2 teams will use the bat to hit the ball towards the opponent’s goal.

Players will wear protective gear at the head, shoulders, and gloves, while the goalkeeper wears a shin guard. Unlike grass hockey, ice hockey does not have an unlimited number of changes.


Cech saved 2 penalties when he launched the hockey field

Former Chelsea and Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Cech has just moved to hockey. And he shone to save 2 penalties in the Guildford Phoenix Club debut.

After deciding to hang gloves at the end of last season, Cech was in charge of technical adviser for Chelsea. However, due to too much free time, the Czech legend decided to switch to hockey. And he plays for Guildford Phoenix Club.

Petr Cech được tôn vinh ngay lần đầu đấu khúc côn cầu trên băng

Recently, Cech made the debut of Guildford Phoenix and quickly shone. That’s when making two penalty saves to help the new team have a thrilling 3-2 victory over Swindon Wildcats. With this impressive performance, Cech was voted the best player in the match.

Prior to the launch of Guildford Phoenix, Cech revealed: “I am very happy to have the opportunity to wear Guildford Phoenix to experience hockey.”

“I hope to help this young team reach their goals this season and try to win as many games as possible when I have the opportunity to play. After 20 years of playing professionally, This will be a great experience playing my favorite sport from a young age, “the former Chelsea and Arsenal goalkeeper added.

In the match last night, Cech appeared with a very special hat, with the logo of both Arsenal and Chelsea. The teams that he played as a player. In addition, he also chose to wear the No. 39 shirt to pay homage to Dominik Hasek, a CH Cezch hockey legend.

Petr Cech ra mắt CLB mới, gây sửng sốt với màn trình diễn 10/10 ...

Cech’s trip impressed Werner, the family and the representative of the German striker. The feeling of mutual support from the competent figures at Chelsea has made Werner feel confident.

In fact Lampard wants to recruit Werner in the winter transfer window. And Cech will be negotiating, but the RB Leipzig striker doesn’t want to switch hockey teams in the middle of the season.


Olympic champion Vitaly Prokhorov describes the style of Russian President Vladimir Putin playing hockey

According to Prokhorov, Putin was very focused on the tape and always tried to lead in the attack. In addition, he does not pay attention to external factors.

“He focused on giving everything for the match.” said by the hockey player. Prokhorov also called the politician a player in the group. However, leadership qualities are still visible.

Vitaly Prokhorov played with the team with Putin in the hockey game the night before New Year 25 December. The head of the Ministry of Defense Serge Shoigu and Russian hockey legends like Pavel Bure, Valery Kamensky, Sergey Fedorov, Alexei Kasatono. And others appeared in the same uniform as the president.

Xem Putin trổ tài chơi khúc côn cầu - Báo VietnamNet

In 1992, Prokhorov became an Olympic champion as part of the Mixed Team of athletes from the former Soviet republics. He is also known for playing for Spartak Moscow and the St. Petersburg National Hockey Club. Louis Blues.

He wears his familiar No. 11 shirt and plays in the same team as Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu as well as Russian hockey legends. Putin’s opponents include Moscow governor Andrei Vorobyov, businessmen and musicians.

Hockey is the second most popular sport in Russia after football. The night hockey tournament began under the initiative proposed by Putin himself. The tournament aims to attract older people to participate by organizing competitions in the evening to enable them to play after work.

Tổng thống Nga Putin ngã nhào trên sân khúc côn cầu | Quốc tế ...

Putin started playing ice hockey when he was over 50 years old. Every year, he plays hockey once in public. Putin also played in a friendly on Red Square, just outside the Kremlin, and won with his teammates.

Russian media said that Putin’s red team won with a score of 9-3. But he did not give detailed statistics on the number of goals Putin scored. Putin scored 7 goals in the match on his 63rd birthday.


Malaysia women’s hockey team continue to go the Asian Games

Malaysian Team has set a goal of striving for the remaining half of preparation for the Asian Games in Doha. They had a sprint with good results in the hockey qualifying round at Kuala Lumpur Stadium.
Malaysia women’s hockey team on their way to the Asian Games.

In Malaysia, the first underwater hockey players were international students studying in Wales eight years ago and became the first domestic team. There are about 50 people in Malaysia playing the game. They usually do 4 sessions weekly, each lasting 2 hours.

Although the country only has 50 people who know water hockey, Malaysia will send 24 athletes to compete in both men and women. These players will compete with their own money in the hope that their achievements will be compensated. This hope is not low because there are 4 gold medals in water hockey.

Hashim said that Malaysia last attended the Games in 1986 in South Korea. There the Malaysian women’s hockey team lost in the semi-finals and ASIAD 15 will have a good chance for Malaysia to find what was lost.

Đội nữ khúc côn cầu 2 miền Triều Tiên ra quân trận đầu :: Một thế ...

According to the hockey coach, Mr. C.R.Kumar qualifying had good matches. And it is an opportunity for him and his students to check the level and arrange the positions on the field. He will find a new strategy to achieve high results.

He also added that the team is currently struggling and worried at the free kick position by Nurul Nadia Mokhatar. She is a professional who holds this position because she cannot continue playing due to the surgery on her head. And this was a huge loss for the Malaysian hockey team before the Asian Games.

So now they are focusing on training this athlete. With the current performance of Norfaraha they will have more options for the upcoming Asian Games.


Askarov tops the draft rating of the NHL 2020

The Russian goalkeeper of the SKA St. system. Petersburg, Askarov, ranked first among European goalkeepers in the rankings of the Central Scout Bureau of the National Hockey League (NHL) ahead of the draft in 2020. NHL press services have reported this.

Askarov is 17 years old. Last season for SKA-Neva, he spent 18 matches in the VHL, scoring 12 victories and pushing 92% of his shots on goal. The 19-year-old goalkeeper of Ak Bars Kazan Amir Miftakhov system ranked fifth in the European goalkeeper rankings.

18-year-old striker Rodion Amirov from the Ufa system broke Salavat Yulaev, on the fifth row of the European players, Germany’s Tim Shtutsle from the German Man to become the best. Nicholas Daws and Alexis Lafreniere lead North American goalie ratings.

NHL 2020 – not what we all expected! We have to admit that! Because the NHL draft is scheduled to take place on June 26-27 but has been postponed indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic. This has made fans feel down. NHL is considering having it earlier in June, with the season suspended indefinitely. There are mixed feelings among executives about this idea, from disappointment to acceptance.

Unlike the NFL, which hosts the draft as usual in the middle of that time, NHL will face some wrinkles with a draft held before the end of the season: Teams will not be able to trade demand, the player will lack clarity on next year’s salary, and the draft order can be determined before all games are played.

Yzerman’s Red Wings can really benefit from the revised draft, which gives him better odds at the top pick, likely Alexis Lafreniere. But Yzerman points to a series of unknowns, including those who enter and exit the playoffs and determine the order of the drafts.

There is also a salary issue for 2020-21, which was originally expected to be $ 84 million but is now expected to be set at $ 81.5 million now or less.

The draft serves a variety of purposes in providing GM with the tools to build their squad for next year and to outline only seven-player rounds, Mitch Walsh said. Hats – Torontos, Tampas – will have to transfer at least one major contract to make it work. And the time to do that is at the draft. But you can do it under the scenario of the first week or the second week of June when you don’t know if the season is canceled or if we really go back and play.

Daly said NHL has not yet decided when to allow players to return to the team training facilities to practice in small groups, and this will be the first step to return. The tournament continues to work internally and with the NHL Player Association on various situations, including resuming at three or four empty NHL arenas and pushing the beginning of the next season back in December.


The lessons about hockey help him become a good famous athlete

The Grewal’s teachings have always been remembered in his heart and become the driving force for his success today. Ishwarpal Singh Grewal is Singapore’s famous national hockey player.

To this day, still vividly remembers the story that happened when he was 15 years old. Ishwarpal returned home with tears and fear. He told his father that he failed to join the school hockey team.

Graduate keeps late dad's lesson on resilience close to heart ...

His father Santokh Singh was a sports enthusiast, and he fostered his son to practice hockey as a true athlete. When he heard his son reporting bad news, instead of being disappointed, he simply told Ishwarpal to see him throw a ball on the floor.

The ball hit the floor and bounced back higher than its position. It was the first time his father taught him the lesson of recovery. And this lesson has stuck with me for the rest of my life. The important thing is not how you fall, but how high you turn.

Throughout his career as an athlete, he has encountered many failures. He had to sit in reserve for important matches, lost in the final, and once made the wrong decision that the team lost. But I always remember to recover. This lesson is what makes a big difference to British everyday life.

Singapore ends Hockey World League on a high - ActiveSG

Ishwarpal recounts that resilience is a value instilled in him from a young age. He grew up in sports stories at home and started playing hockey in a yard with his father and siblings.

At that time, he was only 5-6 years old. Later, he studied at Raffles Institute. And he started playing for the national team when he was 19. Ishwarpal once represented Singapore for three Olympic Games.

“Many times, I have not been selected to the team. I never played for the national team at any age group, until I was 19, ”Ishwarpal said. Ishwarpal’s father died in 2016, but his lesson with his son forever: “If not resilient, there will be no success”.


Lessons from hockey can help Ontario tackle climate change

The public policy should look into future needs and challenges. They constantly make quick decisions in response to changing polls or short-term economic trends to be ineffective. Because the government will always try to achieve the moving target.

Equally, moving toward re-election or scoring political points should not be the main goal of any government. The Government of Ontario needs to address issues such as climate change adaptation and mitigation in order to get society on the right track.

In sports, the season seems long and full of both victory and defeat. Achieving success requires the whole group to focus on the final goal.

Future stars? Blues prospects Hofer, Alexandrov shine at World ...

Public policy acts the same way. There must be clear, defined goals communicated through government agencies and / or ministries and their purchases. A government sends mixed messages about its priorities that create confusion and lead to inaction.

A key criticism of Ontario’s plan is that it is based on desired thinking. According to a report by the general auditor, the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks estimates future innovation. The change will cut emissions by 2.2 by 2030.

But there is no evidence yet for emissions reduction programs to support this estimate. Ontario needs to identify a clear outcome, develop a clear plan and stand behind it with clear support.

The tools that governments use to implement policies often fall into four categories: regulations, fiscal incentives, behavioral change initiatives and taxes.

With hockey fights in decline, NHL shifts emphasis to speed, skill ...

After the government has determined the desired public policy outcome. For example, reducing emissions, they can use some or all of these tools to achieve goals.

No sports team can succeed with a battle player and the coach cannot unite the team. Similarly, achieving successful policy outcomes that repeat the success of Norway’s zero emissions target requires strong leadership. This is a consistent message and buy from all stakeholders.


Blackhawks added a squad for the new season

After missing the Play-off match at the Stanley Cup for two consecutive seasons, the Chicago Blackhawks reorganized their defensive position by purchasing consecutive players Olli Maatta from Pittsburgh Penguins, Calvin de Haan and Aleksi Saarela from Carolina Hurricanes, Robin Lehner from Ottawa Senatos.

On June 15, the Chicago Blackhawks decided to exchange Dominik Kahun along with the option of the fifth round of 2019 to get Olli Maatta from Pittsburgh Penguins. Olli Maatta is a Czech player, 24 years old, 1.8m tall and weighs 79kg. Maatta has twice won the cup with Pittsburgh in 2016, 2017 and he has got 14 points (1 goal and 13 assists) in 60 matches played last season.

Nine days later, on June 24, the Blackhawks acquired defender Calvin de Haan and promising player Aleksi Saarela from Carolina Hurricanes. Calvin de Haan had 14 points (1 goal and 13 assists) in 74 matches last season. And Aleksi Saarela, a 22-year-old Finnish player signed as a prospect for the Chicago Blackhawks.

On July 1, the Blackhawks strengthened their squad with a $ 5 million one-year contract with Robin Lehner. The 27-year-old Swedish goalkeeper, who is 1.93m tall and weighs 110kg, won the Bill Masterton Memorial Cup on June 21, 2019. This is an annual award for players who best express their perseverance and dedication to ice hockey.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Blackhawks bổ sung đội hình cho mùa giải mới

Jonathan Toews, a 31-year-old Canadian player who plays the captain role of the Chicago Blackhawks was feeling both excited and thrilled as the Chicago Blackhawks made a roster change. Find out if they fit their team or not. But it’s interesting to consider and think about all the possibilities that can happen right now.

As for Patrick Kane, he said, “We want to play in the Play-off round, but that doesn’t mean we have a good team to be guaranteed a place. We have to work hard to improve and get off to a good start for the NHL Global Series 2019 season”.