Hockey school in Canada

The hockey and prep playgrounds go together like rock and puck, especially in our neighbors in the north, Canada. If your child is serious about playing professional hockey one day, then you need to consider a prep school.

Most schools prepare to integrate their athletic programs into the schedule of daily activities. The facilities are usually excellent. So is training. The result is plenty of practice and game time for this sport.

BCS has been around since 1836. It is located south of the world’s hockey capital, Montreal. Boys or girls will all be trained and lots of ice time. Plus the solid academics and incredible skiing are available for minutes in eastern towns, and you’ll understand why BCS needs to be on your short list of schools for consideration.

A hockey school set in the Canadian Rockies? Is there any better than this? Of course it does! Banff is not as easy as Toronto or Ottawa. Leaving that aside, BHA offers a powerful program that will develop your hockey skills.

Check out Harrington College’s stunning countryside setting. Harrington gives your son an extremely focused and intense approach to playing hockey. He will live, breathe, drink and eat sports. If that’s too much for him, then you might want to consider looking at other schools with less stressful programs.

The Rothesay Netherwood School dates from 1877 onwards from 1877. This school offers solid academics evidenced by the fact that IB World from 1968. In addition, the school has a good athletic program that includes some serious hockey. RNS located in Maritimes is easily accessible by both car and air from the northeastern US states.

Saint Andrew’s College offers a complete athletics program for you. So if you are thinking about long term hockey, but also love squash and basketball, this school should be on your short list. The right GTA position keeps SAC close to all of Toronto’s vast cultural and sporting activities.


Development of Patin Hockey

Patin Hockey is a popular sport in the world that is passionate by many young people. Roller Hockey is a sport in which two teams compete against each other. The player will slide the Patin on a hard, flat and smooth surface.

They use hockey sticks to hit the puck on the opponent’s goal. During the match time, each team on the field includes 5 people. That’s including the goalkeeper. Normally, a team will consist of 16 players to replace each other.

Due to the high speed and collisions with the puck and the stick are quite dangerous. So the Hockey athletes need to wear the following protective equipment to reduce impact force and avoid injury.

First of all, as you know to play any type of roller skating we also need a pair of shoes that are good quality and suitable for the type of choice.

Or bringing safety and effectiveness when playing. Do not be too cheap to choose the pair with low price. Because so surely its quality can not be absolutely guaranteed.

Not everyone who is proficient at rollerblading can join the Patin Hokey genre right away. Because this is a type that needs to move quickly, polish accurately and carefully to transmit the ball to teammates. It doesn’t just use your feet like regular rollerblading.

But it also has to combine both hands and eyes so you need to practice patiently. You should be careful if you want to join and play this genre professionally.

This subject’s speed is very high, can reach more than 180km for hour. There will be 1 piece of hard rubber called snowball and 2 teams will use the bat to hit the ball towards the opponent’s goal.

Players will wear protective gear at the head, shoulders, and gloves, while the goalkeeper wears a shin guard. Unlike grass hockey, ice hockey does not have an unlimited number of changes.