Cech saved 2 penalties when he launched the hockey field

Former Chelsea and Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Cech has just moved to hockey. And he shone to save 2 penalties in the Guildford Phoenix Club debut.

After deciding to hang gloves at the end of last season, Cech was in charge of technical adviser for Chelsea. However, due to too much free time, the Czech legend decided to switch to hockey. And he plays for Guildford Phoenix Club.

Petr Cech được tôn vinh ngay lần đầu đấu khúc côn cầu trên băng

Recently, Cech made the debut of Guildford Phoenix and quickly shone. That’s when making two penalty saves to help the new team have a thrilling 3-2 victory over Swindon Wildcats. With this impressive performance, Cech was voted the best player in the match.

Prior to the launch of Guildford Phoenix, Cech revealed: “I am very happy to have the opportunity to wear Guildford Phoenix to experience hockey.”

“I hope to help this young team reach their goals this season and try to win as many games as possible when I have the opportunity to play. After 20 years of playing professionally, This will be a great experience playing my favorite sport from a young age, “the former Chelsea and Arsenal goalkeeper added.

In the match last night, Cech appeared with a very special hat, with the logo of both Arsenal and Chelsea. The teams that he played as a player. In addition, he also chose to wear the No. 39 shirt to pay homage to Dominik Hasek, a CH Cezch hockey legend.

Petr Cech ra mắt CLB mới, gây sửng sốt với màn trình diễn 10/10 ...

Cech’s trip impressed Werner, the family and the representative of the German striker. The feeling of mutual support from the competent figures at Chelsea has made Werner feel confident.

In fact Lampard wants to recruit Werner in the winter transfer window. And Cech will be negotiating, but the RB Leipzig striker doesn’t want to switch hockey teams in the middle of the season.