The rankings of ice hockey are constantly changing. To be in the world rankings, that player must have all the talents of a player. At the same time it must be someone who has won many international competitions.

Becoming a coach has helped Dae Woong show off his inherent talents. He is the bond that connects the members of the team and is a very strict trainer with the members. The women’s national team from a team that did not have any reputation has won spectacularly out of the competition.

The name Dae Woong resounds with pride and pride as a god helping the team to win. Although he used to be on the bench, he was not trusted, but with his talent he has proven to everyone.

Although he did not play directly on the field, his players did it for him. That is his pride when he can teach such talented students.

Lee Kwang Soo is a rather cold and grumpy character. There was a resentment in his heart, but he could not tell anyone that contained many years that made him a lonely person without friends.

He is afraid to communicate, afraid to do things with others and always wants to be alone. In his heart always brought a resentment about the previous day hockey fight. This is the driving force for him to strive every day.

Dae Woong – is a hockey player but is always on the bench during the game of the national team. The thought of having to extinguish their dreams on their own is an unexpected joy. He is called as coach of the women’s national hockey team. From here, the life of Dae Woong has a lot of changes.

Howe is known as the Mr Hockey for his talent in hockey and the highest scoring rate in NHL history. He not only has technical skills but also has the judgment of the opponent’s way, passing the ball. His career spanned through the Second World War.