The couple of hockey captains held hands and entered the ceremony

American hockey captain Meghan Duggan married his former lover, Canadian captain Gillian Apps on Saturday. The ceremony was celebrated in Pownal, Maine with the greetings of hockey fans and members of both teams.

In the winter Olympics in recent years, in the field of women’s hockey, the US and Canada teams have repeatedly faced, competing for the championship. The US team, with the participation of Meghan Duggan, has twice defeated at the hands of the Canadian team with the presence of Gillian Apps in the two Olympics seasons in 2010 and 2014. However, in 2015, Gillian left. Canada and the Winter Olympics this year, Captain Meghan and the US team ended the Canadian team’s goal series from the previous Olympics and won the gold medal.

Meghan (phải) chia sẻ hình ảnh tại hôn lễ của cô cùng với Gillian (trái)

Not only are the opponents in the Olympics, both have also faced many times at the ice rink at the World Championships, including the first match in the World Championships finals. However, Meghan was slightly better when she won 7 championships compared to 3 of Gillian. It can be said that both of them are an eight ounces and a half – pound person. Their talents are equal.

Gillian has now retired from the national hockey team and worked with Boston College coach Katie King and Meghan continues her career on the ice. Another interesting detail is that both Meghan Duggan and Gillian Apps play as strikers of the competition. Perhaps the two had inadvertently fell in love with the opponent on the ring.

Thành viên đội tuyển Mỹ Meghan Duggan

The love of two girls Meghan and Gillian is like in a novel. From a longtime rival, become a lover, and then a partner. Both received a lot of support from relatives, friends and fans, including members of both teams. The US team congratulated the two on Twitter: “Love can truly overcome everything, even the greatest rival. Ask Meghan Duggan”. And the Canadian team retweeted the above status line with congratulations: “From rivals on the ice rink become partners of each other. Congratulations!”.

In addition, many people also think of another pair of former captain of the US and Canada team, Julie Chu and Caroline Ouellette. Julie was Meghan’s captain who met Captain Gillian of Caroline at the 2014 Olympics. The two were also married and had just welcomed their first child.

Thành viên đội tuyển Canada Gillian Apps

The love of two girls Meghan and Gillian is like in a novel. From a longtime rival, become a lover, and then a partner. Both received a lot of support from relatives, friends and fans, including members of both teams.










President Putin celebrates his 63rd birthday with a hockey game

The President of Russian Vladimir Putin marked his 63rd birthday with an ice hockey match along with Defense Minister,National Hockey League stars and his close friends in Sochi, Russia.

The Russian president has returned to the “international limelight” since launching a bombing campaign in Syria last week against Washington’s disappointment.

On Wednesday, Putin marked his birthday by holding a meeting with the Russian Defense Minister before they both took off the ice in Sochi to play hockey with government officials and National Hockey League (NHL) stars like Pavel Bure, Vyacheslav, Alexey Kasatonov, Valery Kamensky and Alexander Mogilny.

Putin chơi khúc côn cầu mừng sinh nhật

Russian president has scored 7 goals and led his team to win 15-10, the Kremlin said. The opponent of Putin’s team includes his old friends and leading Russian politicians. “Those who are moving with the eyes full of victory will definitely score that point”, he said in a televised speech to start the new season of Night Ice Hockey. The match is broadcast live on national television.

Ice Hockey Russian Federation awarded President Putin a prize for his contributions to sports, Rossiya 2 TV channel said on Twitter. In Grozny, the capital of Chechnya, where the Kremlin has fought two anti-secession wars over the past 20 years, Russian and Italian football players played a match in Putin’s honor.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Putin chơi khúc côn cầu mừng sinh nhật

Two famous Russian rappers donate the latest song “My best friend” to celebrate Putin’s birthday along with a video shot in Red Square, Moscow. This is an ice hockey game of the first Russian President’s Night Ice Hockey since May 2012 in Moscow. This is the time when Putin took office for a third term.

In 2000, Putin took office as head of state and re-assumed his office in 2012. The Russian president revealed that the possibility of continuing to run for another term in 2018, meaning that he will be in office until 2024.











Hockey reached the top of the most dangerous sports

Recently, the page “Total Pro Sports” has released a list of the most adventurous sports in the world. Rugby, ice-hockey and bike racing are the top names.

  1. Rugby

Every year, there are up to 2,490,000 different serious injuries related to this sport. Although the total number of injuries is less than basketball, the rate of injury in rugby is top high with about 4.85% of players who have been injured. The number of head injury injuries in 2013 reached 274,455 cases.

  1. Skateboarding

One of the main principles of skateboarding is that you have to accept dangerous movements regularly until you master the techniques. While professional skateboarding contests equip athletes with a lot of protection, the children who play skateboarding daily on the road do not have a similar item. The number of skateboarding injuries is 676,000 and its injury rate ranks second among the subjects: 1.86%.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Skateboarding

  1. Racing

After motorbike racing, cycling is probably the most deadly sport. Races are always dangerous, especially in mountain races. 2013 reports show that there are 2,490,000 injuries due to racing. The injury rate of this sport is 1.29%, ranking 5th in the subjects.

  1. Horse riding

There is not yet an exact number for all those who ride horses to calculate the rate of injury. But one thing is certain: horse riding is an expensive and potentially dangerous sport. There are 316,000 injuries due to horse riding in 2013.

  1. Tennis

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Tennis

Tennis injuries are primarily a problem with wrist, ankle and ligament joints. Tennis players also face a very high risk of injury. There are about 87,000 injuries in tennis in 2013, accounting for 0.14% of athletes.

  1. Ice Hockey

We are talking about a top high-risk sport. Professionally minded hockey players may have to sacrifice their entire teeth because of injuries even though they were equipped with an iron cage to protect their face and wear about 13 kg. other protective equipment. There are still 105,000 injuries from hockey athletes in 2013.