Hockey is one of the sports with the oldest development history, the sport is judged to have originated from the entertainment of the old nobility.

The development history of hockey sport

In archaeological studies, researchers have shown that the appearance of hockey sport dates back more than 3000 years, with playing a clubhead not only in one territory. that appears in many places with the form of playing on horseback, playing on grass … depending on the culture of that nation.

By the nineteenth century, the new rules of hockey were officially adopted and from there the rules were defined according to the different forms of play. Due to the climate difference, ice hockey formation during this time and becoming one of the cold specialty sports like Canada, North America, this is also a form of many people think of before talking about hockey.

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The rules of playing hockey sports

Due to the climatic and cultural influences of each nation and territory in which hockey is divided into many different forms of play, the rules that are governed by this sport are basically not available. What is different, similar to how to play football.

1. Bandy

This is a form of ice hockey on the ice with a bally playing field that is about the same size as a football field. Both teams are equipped with sticks with curved heads and the same rules as playing football, which means that there are still goalkeepers, the player is responsible for how to score as many goals into the goal. your team All ball collision moves must use sticks, absolutely no hand or foot to touch the ball.

2. Ice hockey

This is the most popular form of hockey in North America, Europe and especially Canada’s national sport, which attracts players and viewers in a fun way. taste

And the puck is a flat, round device made of rubber, which is placed in a snow band to minimize the bouncing during play. The team members try to overcome the opponent to put a lot of puck into the opponent’s goal and all puck bumps, including the goalkeeper, only use sticks.

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3. In-line hockey

How to play in-line hockey is considered a change of ice hockey, ice rinks of cold climates, if you move to countries without ice, it is difficult to deploy. Therefore, by replacing the ice field with a hard and flat yard, replacing roller skates with roller skates will make the sport easier to integrate. Hockey rules are the same, but depending on where the game is held there will be some different rules in scoring and defending.

4. Quad hockey

This is the first internationalized hockey game before the introduction of in-line hockey, using roller skates to move around in the game and use the J-type club to hit the opponent’s goal. Thanks to the popularity of the sport, during the 1992 Summer Olympics, quad hockey officially became the main performance that brought excitement and excitement to the audience, which was also the time. carving hockey became one of the most popular sports subjects.

Bandy, ice hockey, in-line hockey or quad hockey are all the most popular sports because in order to be a professional player they need to go through more difficult training. Besides, hockey matches are always the focal point of attraction like the beautiful performances.