Marketing & Strategy

It’s time to get your name out there! Effective marketing strategies are essential tools used to increase awareness of your brand online & offline. Cost efficient strategies which are thoughtfully executed are the key to reaching out to your target demographic, and converting traffic into customers.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

By understanding keywords and how people use them, we can drive users to your website, generating interesting leads. We have successfully helped our clients get in touch with new markets and gain more benefit from their online visibility. Our targeted ads work around the clock to obtain clicks for you. The advantage of working with our team of SEM specialists is that we work to put together the most efficient and effective campaigns in order to drive users to the right pages, which results in more sales for you!


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Finding your way into Google’s top results can be challenging without a strong content and SEO strategy. Your site’s ranking in search engines depends heavily on the quality of your content. While there are actually over 200 factors that weigh in to determine who gets the top spot, the best way to ensure that your clients will find your business is if you become a reference in your area of expertise. Our professional copywriters and search engine optimizers will make sure every aspect of your sales effort is reflected in your site’s content, in order to generate a constant stream of traffic. Regardless of the budgetary limitations you may have for search engine ads, the best quality traffic comes from organic searches where potential customers find exactly what they are looking for.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

How you interact with users on a daily basis is a big part of who your company is. To make sure you are present and responsive on social media, we could take care of your whole strategy, using all social platforms relevant to your message. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest – all of these networks are essential for the 21st Century brand. By understanding who uses which platform and for which reasons, we can cater your message to different people in totally different circles. By taking on social media, we will take your company straight to the customer and create a genuine human relationship. This is essential if your goal is to build a community of loyal customers.


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