Four Social Media Sites You Should Stop Ignoring

There are so many social media sites out there, it can be hard to choose which ones to use. Most brands stick to Facebook and Twitter, even though there are many other sites that could help them reach out to new customers in their target market.  Recently, there’s also been a lot of buzz around Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin, who enjoy a crystal clear reputation in the world of social media marketing. However, marketers seem to forget how much they can gain from using other networks like Google Plus and Tumblr. We compiled a list of 4 social networks you should seriously start paying attention to before wasting money on sponsored content elsewhere:

1. Google Plus. As 2014 progresses, it is no longer one of those “additionnal social sites”. Your efforts to gain prominence on G+ should be on par with Facebook and Twitter. Google’s social network has gotten a bad rep since its early days, written-off as a “Ghost Town” by many experts. Things have changed since then. Google+ has bragging rights on over 540 million monthly active users. Since many people use Google Search and Youtube, this comes to no surprise. However, another interesting feature with Google Plus is that it actually improves your site’s SEO rankings when your friends are logged in and using Google Search. This means you’ll get more traffic from your personal circles, and their circles, creating a beneficial circuit for social media marketers.

2. Stumbleupon. While a lot of people have been talkingm about Pinterest, few have noticed how much traffic Stumbleupon generates in comparison to comparing social sites. This isn’t for every type of content – you’ll need very niche friendly content, video and other cool bells and whistles to impress the stumblers.  The decade-old social bookmarking site slowly creeped into the big picture, with a constantly growing fan base. Throughout most of 2013, the social network was pretty silent, until it announced it has gone profitable, and expects to generate $ 35-40 million yearly. This is a sign that the mobile app makeover it undertook was indeed successful. In 2013, over 40% of stumbles were done on mobile devices.

3. Tumblr. Time to tumble like a tumbling tumbleweed. Not only is it the second largest blogging platform worldwide (behind WordPress), it is also a great social site to share various types of content, with a beautiful design and some social interactions with users. Contrarily to Facebook, Tumblr is indexed, so it drives more “link juice” to your site, boosting your SEO. You can post pictures, links, videos, and anything that goes well with a short, 250 word post. It can even integrate with Google Analytics, which means you can track your stats and improve your blog. It boasts 39 million, half of them under the age of 25. If you’re targeting that audience, this is your lucky day.

 4. Reddit. A few years ago, Digg was your go-to reference for news fetching. That rapidly changed once users found out about Reddit. Just like the three previous social sites mentioned in this article, it’s centered on the user and not the marketer. Marketers can ask questions and instantly get responses from a whole bunch of people, which is the cheapest way to get real time feedback. That’s where Reddit comes in handy. You can forget about people reposting your promotionnal links, unless you’ve invented a hoverboard or another revolutionary gadget.

Just like Pinterest, Instagram and Linkedin, these four “underdogs” can be part of your global strategy, or in some cases, can be completely useless. The point is not necessarily to use them, but at least understand what they do, what niches they can reach, and what kind of advantage they can give you versus more traditional social bookmarking sites like Facebook or Twitter. You don’t need to be everywhere, but knowing your options is key.


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