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Before Your Web Site Goes Live: Your Online Marketing Checklist

When starting a new business, online marketing is not always at the top of your agenda, but it should be a priority. Getting a fully functional website is a sort of a leap of faith that requires some time, analysis and investment. Before…

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Google To Boost Ranking for Responsive Sites With New “Mobile Friendly” Badge

Over the past few years, Google has been of the forefront of web innovation by encouraging best practices for responsive web design. This week, the search engine giant has been rolling out a new metric in its ranking for mobile searches, and…

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Facts & Myths on Negative SEO

Negative SEO happens when someone attempts to lower a website’s rankings on search engines. This can be done by employing simple “guerrila” tactics like sending links that are considered untrustworthy, denial of service (DOS) attacks, malware and other hacks meant…

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The Empire Strikes Back : Google Penalizes UK Law Firm Irwin Mitchell For Poor SEO Practices


SEO giant Google has been making it clear that it won’t let companies get away with dubious back-linking practices meant to boost their organic search engine results. This time, the culprit was British law firm Irwin Mitchell, and it was punished…

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