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Facts & Myths on Negative SEO

Negative SEO happens when someone attempts to lower a website’s rankings on search engines. This can be done by employing simple “guerrila” tactics like sending links that are considered untrustworthy, denial of service (DOS) attacks, malware and other hacks meant…

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Heartbleed: OpenSSL Gets Much-Needed Funding Thanks to Linux Core Infrastructure Initiative

After the Heart Bleed bug exposed a major vulnerability, there has been a renewed interest in internet security. Heartbleed is a security bug affecting the open-source OpenSSL. The flaw was deemed catastrophic by many important observers. “The Heartbleed bug allows…

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Popular Crowdfunding Site Kickstarter Hacked, Asks Users To Reset Passwords

Kickstarter, a popular crowdfunding site where new business ventures can receive funding from strangers on the web, fell victim to hackers earlier this week, and notified its users to change their password information on Saturday. Though the site confirmed that…

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